That's separate from RS gold kaiser Teeth cleaning is

That's separate from RS gold kaiser Teeth cleaning is not free its a trick, Look hunny theirs no free lunchteeth cleanings is for the rich only go if you have pain in your teeth I sucked up pain in your teeth you do not have to go What teeth infection going to body ha ha Only rich

people have good teeth look that guys rich must have bleached his teeth you know how much that is right Ha ha stop being so conceited and vain and your teeth and skinacne, blackhead on lip, Well soda not all bad were all going to die

The nurse also noticed me in pain on the chair which is the second time a nurse noticed I was in pain to st nurse found exactly as I was sitting on a bed in urgent care for leg pain gotta cut pain down and noticed I could not take position I was laying in. The position had a focus on my neck. She changed the bed for me.

This time was sitting and after cleaning was doing the OSRS Gold pain doing position and also for some reason dizzy and having a headache I have been getting headaches the dentist nurse this time asked me if I was okay and I said okay but dizzy as I do not think she could help me.