This post is meant to RuneScape gold educate

This post is meant to RuneScape gold educate new players possibly existing players on the current scams and hacking methods in Oldschool RuneScape OSRS now that mobile has been launched WOO!.Firstly, I wele all new players to our munity.

OSRS is an amazing game unlike any other and despite its age, it still flourishes. Before jumping in game I highly suggest you familiarise yourself with the in game rules found here.Due to the

economic nature of the game there are of course a few bad apples out there who try to steal other players itemsgold or even accounts. It is imperative that you are educated on these issues to avoid falling victim.Always remember these general rules

Never give your password to anyone Never give your personal information to anyone online    Keep your PC free from malware avoid suspicious websites Never

give your items to anyone unless you are  sure OSRS Gold of the trade you are making Never drop your items unless you  accept that you may lose them If you enter the wilderness you always carry the risk of dying and losing your itemsSCAMS