Friends Some players may RuneScape gold befriend

Friends  Some players may RuneScape gold befriend others with the sole purpose of scamming or hacking the other. They may ask you to loan them an item, an act which you may not even question due to your friendship. Do not give your items away unless you expect to lose them.

Splitloot scams  Players or friends make an agreement that they will split a drop or loot from a boss, raid or pk. In OSRS only one player will usually get the valuable loot whilst doing these activities so there is always the possibility that the person who received it will not share with their partners.

AntiScamming  Scammers will make you think you are deceiving them or antiscamming them when in fact they are tricking you. Don't play with scammers, ignore them. Scammers will also try friend you on Discord, always deny.

Wilderness and PVP worlds In the wilderness you should always OSRS Gold assume that you may die instantly at any time. With this in mind, never take anything valuable or that you do not wish to lose. Whilst unskulled in game players may think that they are safe due to keeping items.