Never answer personal RuneScape gold questions in game

Never answer personal RuneScape gold questions in game or anywhere online for that matter Phishing links  Websites set up to look like the official OSRS website. Victims will enter their account information into these fake websites which will be sent to a database accessible by a hacker.

Only enter your information into the official OSRS website. Never click on shady website links, main distribution methods are by email, Twitch or YouTube.    TwitchFake Streams  Fake streams set up to look like popular OSRS streamers. The stream will contain either a phishing or RAT link both of which will hack your account.

The streams are usually view botted so seem legit, always check the authenticity of a stream and never click on a link that would require you to enter your personalaccount information. YouTube Scammers will advertise their YouTube channel in game which will contain phishing or malware links in video descriptions.

A lot of players do legitimately make videos, just RS gold be aware of scams.Recovery system  Hackers use personal information of others to gain access to their account through the account recovery system. Always use secure and unique answers, things that only you would know and never give these answers out to anyone.