Thanks for the read RuneScape gold and I hope

Thanks for the read RuneScape gold and I hope you enjoy your adventure.Hey guys, so I posted this last DXP and it got a lot of attention and helped a lot of players so in light of the uping DXP I’m reposting : It’s mainly for players very new to double xp to help them get the most out of it.

This post is NOT intended for veterans or players who’ve been around for multiple DXP weekends as you’ll probably know most of this already.Things to know:: Double xp does NOT mean half priced xp as well if you purchase all of your supplies the day of or even a month before.  

Prices are very inflated during double xp and although you’re getting “double xp” you’re really probably paying  more for the items as well if you buy this late. For skills such as herblore, fletching, and crafting this could lead to a massive gain in gpxp.

Cost per experience point as the items your selling don’t RS gold inflate in price with the supplies needed to create it.    Example: Something like a gem that originally costs k and turns into a cut gem worth gp and gives  xp would equal gpxp since there’s agp loss for xp.