yeah dxp is fun but RuneScape gold for fuck sake

yeah dxp is fun but RuneScape gold for fuck sake get up and walk around for a little bit every few hours. Your body needs a break.: Know what you want to do on dxp before it gets here.  you don’t want to waste half of your time on dxp weekend figuring out what to do. Atleast have some sort of idea or target goal.

goals could be something like doing the skills to unlock priff, getting specific levels needed for a quest, or to get as many skills to the levels needed for the next best thing like  mining for coal deposits.: Prayer does not give double xp everywhere  altars will not give double xp.

So if you want to train prayer during dbxp do cleansing crystals at priff. Hefin district  Alternatively you can also get double xp killing Vyres for around k xphr as well.: Not everything is Double XP.  View the full list of restrictions here.: There are a lot of helpful friends chats for double xp!

Portables is open  and very active on dxp. They track every cheap RS gold portable location with a few exceptions and can quickly direct you to a public portable station that is right next to a bank chest    if their friends chat is full you can also view their spreadsheet that lists all active locations here boxes