Boy another one RuneScape gold touch platformer

Boy another one RuneScape gold touch platformer", do trust me when I say this game is absolutely fantastic. The platforming is very skill based, the randomly generated levels are surprisingly varied, and the game in general is extremely well polished.

Without a doubt, Nitrome's best game to date. Even if you don't like the concept, don't miss out on this game!Infectonator | FreeIf you're a flash games fan like I am, then you probably heard of this game series before.

This game on Android is a port of the flash game "infectonator: world dominator". Basically, this is a retro game where you try to dominate cities by infecting people. At first, you'll fail big time. With every attempt you'll gain more money and buy upgrades, special zombies, and much more.

This game is tons of fun and can keep you occupied for OSRS Gold days!Spacechem | PaidIf you're into programming andor puzzle games, you've probably already played this game. If you're still sane though, chances are you probably never finished it.