With tax reduction thats like RS gold And that's a fact.

With tax reduction thats like RS gold And that's a fact. I'm good with maths so i should know. I'm also good with meth. and mithril but ok they are selling paintings with their little rwt friends. How I know I am spy. Now not anymore because I just told you, but I rwtd dragon paintings for like  hours now and I got a twisted bow pewpew anyways jamflex look out

monitor and ban anyone drawing dragons or rainbows. Thanks for your attention.I'm trying to buy myself m  gp. I'm playing for a few months now but I just hate to see others having full bandos and me having nothing. I have a budget of  and I was wondering if I'm able to reach m by buying bonds with that budget.I was watching PK videos while training agility

and an add came up for a web sight claiming that they sell rs gold, maxed accounts, and can even power level your account. I would never do it, but I was just wondering if this is even legitimate. Like from what I know you can’t buy gold from anything but bonds without being banned. And e on  for a maxed account If I had a maxed account there’s no way I’d sell it, especially for anything that low.

No one would spend countless hours to get that cape justo sell it for  This has to be Hello OSRS Gold everyone, iirc I quit RS in  due to really hating a lot of the changes that were being made or planned to be done. I did login like  times a year just to check these changes in hopes of things getting better, unfortunately with the EoC announcement early  I gave up and never looked or checked anything RS related since.