Would having my old RuneScape gold account be

Would having my old RuneScape gold account be helpful in any way for OSRS, I don't care about RS. I ask because it will be a pain trying to recover my account, as I would first need to recover whatever email I was using at that time.No need to recover OSRS and RS are separate

unless you have enough gold to buy bonds on RS m because membership applies to both RS games.IIRC before  consensus was that paying for membership at start of the game is kind of a waste, as there was no helpful early membership content.

Hence, especially if you can't spend a lot of time playing the remendation was to get through some of the FP quests and early lvls before diving into PP content; is it different now Yes, early membership content is better now. Various low level member quests gives a big boost early game

getting you to where you want much faster than FP.Would OSRS Gold love any links to a good starter guide or an early game walkthrough especially with PP content, as I think the answer is yes to my Q. Asking for this because I really don't remember much specifics and I have been reading about some new stuff like easy TPs to Varrock.