Because this is THE reason to why RS gold I'm

Because this is THE reason to why RS gold I'm excited about the health and future of OSRS. Also, if I understood things correctly I did find one thing concerning and that is that several recent changes were made without being voted for; why is that The changes don't seem to be well received and right now I don't know if they are good or bad

But what's important is again why were they not in pollsJagex will always poll any major changes to the game and if it gets  + yes votes then it will be added, more details on my other subquestions in ments.I love how holiday items aren't restricted in OSRS

Things really blew up in an unhealthy way in RS. How are they obtained now You get holiday items during holidays events, and with the pletion of an event you get access to all past holiday rewards by speaking to Diango in Draynor village.How do membership bonds work, any difference between their OSRS and RS usage

How do bonds benefit Jagex Also, what are your thoughts cheap RS gold on bonds being used to buy RS gold; did that not create any problemsBonds last  days and can only be purchased with real money another source of ine for Jagex, but can then be traded ingame. Answers to last part of Q are in ments.What's the best way to purchase OSRS membership