I guess I can start by saying RuneScape gold that

I guess I can start by saying RuneScape gold that if you create a set of rules for yourself to follow, it's very difficult to become a victim of scamming/phishing.I don't want to say I have a 'Don't trust anybody rule' but don't forget that you have absolutely no reason to trust anybody on this game

Especially if they're making an offer that seems too good to be true. The most important and obvious advice I can give is Never Drop your items Or Follow strangers to an unknown location that you're unfamiliar with. Never give your password/username to anybody

Even if they are claiming to be Jagex Staff. Jagex Moderators will always have a Gold crown next to their name, which makes them easy to identify, Player Moderators will have a Silver Crown, but this absolutely does not give them the right to request account information off of you.

All official mail from Jagex will show up in your In game mailbox cheap OSRS gold on the log in screen,General scams One scam which is fairly common which happens a lot is when buying or selling an item, someone who is interested in buying and/or selling said item, will buff their trade price with items that don't represent their actual worth or value