It's a very common scamming RuneScape gold practice but it's one that's

It's a very common scamming RuneScape gold practice but it's one that's equally as effective in catching new players.Luring and anti-luring - Often, someone will approach you in hopes of you falling for their lure and/or scam, and in the height of what's happening

a second player might private message you claiming to have 'Antilured' or 'Antiscammed' this player in the past, and that they can help you do it too, but you should always be confident that this second person is definitely in on the scam/lure.

They'll give you false advice on how to antilure or antiscam, and it won't work.Duel Arena Lure - The one I see most commonly is one that will result in the second player warning you about their Duel Arena Lure and that they have knowledge on

how to reverse this lure. typically this will involve a low level cheap OSRS gold challenging you to a duel with both of you offering high stakes as a reward for the winner. Naturally you might think it would be easy to defeat a level 3 in the duel arena