Hey Runescape I'm a lapsed RS gold player that's

Hey Runescape I'm a lapsed RS gold player that's quit multiple times with incredibly mixed feelings on the game. I wanted to make this post to highlight my experience, where every other year I'm tempted to return to RS but multiple factors push me away. Why

To highlight Runescape 's retention problems. Jagex hears plenty from activate players on these forums, and I'm confident that there's a good number of you guys out there that are lapsed but still active in the subreddit.

I want to make a post that's painfully clear about what pushes a player away from returning to Runescape from outside looking in. I know you know what a few of these things already are

They've been big topics lately. Humor me though, let me cheap OSRS gold highlight things that Jagex has done to both make me want to quit and pull me back, and wrap it all up with the things that are actively stopping me from playing RS in 0.