Collapse of my group of casual RuneScape gold friends

Collapse of my group of casual RuneScape gold friends, EoC was more or less the breaking point.The First Time I Came Back:When I heard that Revolution was a thing, RS became far more interesting to me. I'd put a lot of my time into RS, I'd stopped at 

Slayer and I'd always wanted to get that cape. I'd also heard about the plotlines that Jagex was pushing in quests and a friend of mine was incredibly enthusiastic about their potential. The more he told me about the lore the more I wanted to go back.

I eventually did and achieved all of my major goals from before I quit such as  Slayer and Summoning, plus new ones like Overloads and Soul Split. I had a full suite of GWD armor sets too. Nex was a thing by then but I frankly didn't care about it;

I was happy to have achieved my childhood goals.The Second cheap OSRS gold Time I Quit:I achieved all my goals, that should make me want to play more, right? Well, not quite. I was always more of a solo player outside of my immediate group of friends from way back and the late game had little appeal to me.