let's just say history repeated RuneScape gold myself.

let's just say history repeated RuneScape gold myself. I asked myself, what next. And realized that yeah, I could get my hands on a Noxious weapon but then I'd just be back in the same pickle as before with group bossing except worse

I'd learned about the garbage gatekeeping that was the aura system and realized I'd played myself by choosing noncombat auras.So at that point I figured Runescape just wasn't for me anymore with my original goals complete and the shift in emphasis to EoC bosses

where your key to entry was dependent on timelocked content and a prickly community.Now, I'd probably have stuck around to finish getting my first Noxious weapon but there were other elements pushing me out. The aura system aside

Treasure Hunter was picking up steam and the content output OSRS Gold from Jagex was lessened and of lower quality than years prior. Dailyscape was beginning to feel like a chore rather than gameplay. Ironically, I quit just before GWD dropped assuming