Getting to Araxxor on my RuneScape gold ironman was well

Getting to Araxxor on my RuneScape gold ironman was well within sight and only a month or so away when, well, you guessed it, I quit again. Dailyscape was still dailyscape, but it was the news coming out of Jagex or lack thereof that left a sour taste in my mouth about the game as a whole.Content was slowing down compared to what

I'd been used to in the past, especially quests, Menaphos was a botched and clearly rushed release, 0 Slayer was probably the most personally disappointing Jagex had ever delivered. Drop rate adjustments on items were done with endgame players in mindI think it was Nightmare Gauntlets in

particular for me? Yeah, patch something that the lategame players made gangbusters off of already, crashed the prices on, and then plummet the droprate for all future players like me that aren't quite there yet. Thank you Jagex for this great content awaiting me in the lategame.

The Aura system was still a timegate at the time though one I'd put myself into OSRS Gold knowingly this time by choosing Jack of Trades like most ironmen early on. Basically, I couldn't feel good about giving Jagex my money anymore, even if I was playing what was basically a single player game with a chatroom. The policy decisions were baffling,