I started peeking again RuneScape gold after my friend

I started peeking again RuneScape gold after my friend hyped up the mining and smithing reworkkudos to the devs for that one but Runescape's content drip is looking more barren than ever overall. Runescape honestly looks like it's going through a slow death

Providing further disincentive for new players to start playing or lapsed players from returning. Every time I see Runescape marketing it looks like it's trying to appeal to the Asian MMO market with marketing straight out of. 

It's painfully apparent that Runescape  can't grow it's playerbase and that it's instead trying to squeeze the remaining playerbase for more cash.My Takeways:As in my opinions. I'm not going to present them as facts, but rather as what I see superficially as a lapsed player   

Runescape  looks like an unmarketable game from the outside OSRS Gold looking in and from the inside looking out. The subreddit is rightfully filled with negativity and memes about Jagexthe corporate entity's greed and exploitative practices, and the active playercount appears to be eternally decreasing.