If anything Agility RuneScape gold still requiring

If anything Agility RuneScape gold still requiring you to run endless laps on the same courses over and over again is a hard turn off. Either give us personal trainers that act like slayer masters and send us to different courses constantly

or make it automatic unless I fail an obstacle, in which I case I have to click again to start againdon't  me, screw Agility, Silverhawks existing doesn't make up for that ridiculous, click intensive, and monotonous grind in 0. Okay

my angry derailment about my most hated skill aside, what I mean is that someone coming into RS off of childhood nostalgia is going to be in for a very rude awakening in that nothing looks recognizable anymore. The change in art style is jarring and makes everything feel alien.

Many items have different icons without much reason, and the design RS gold of everything is busy. Content is packed in tightly or has been moved around, which alters Runescape's exploration phase that many early Runescape players will recall.