Mod interactions feel worthless RuneScape gold I've seen

Mod interactions feel worthless RuneScape gold I've seen countless well thought out, eloquent, and seemingly heartfelt posts by guys like Shauny and Osborne for years on the subreddit promising change and improvements, a better Runescape experience year on year

Transparency, and so on whenever something goes wrong with an update, the latest Treasure Hunter promotion crosses another lineagain, etc. Honestly? I want to believe them because they come across as earnest and honest

But where the hell are the receipts? I did my research before making this post and looked through this sub's top posts and one of the big ones from 0 was a post by Mod Balance to a post titled '< This many people want Jagex to write a response to the community for their bombardment of MTX promotions'.

That's not a good look a year later when MTX look like they're cheap OSRS gold more predatory and game breaking than ever. Game integrity lmao. Another example is the recent nerf to Cursed Energies. Out of the blue, unpolled