They are automatic RuneScape gold they

They are automatic RuneScape gold they buy cheap and sell high but usually not that low nor higher. Enough to them to profit, but also enough for us not to feel robbed beside alterations, they flip hard on that.If GGG implements an auction house just for currency

or even a NPC that works similar to the Grand Exchange on Runescape, they would cut the trade part. Bots can still flip by buying low and selling high, but players would at least be able to trade faster. Put them in town so people can see the fancy MTX and everybody wins.

But right now, it's just bad for the image of the game. Bots are doing what GGG should have implemented long time ago.Also, how hard is to track them? Auto invite when you PM, always the same message after the trade,

if you put wrong currency they cancel and send trade again OSRS Gold almost instantly, they do not move, lv  with not even crafting tables in the HO, usually duelist in the middle of an Elreon hideout easiest to farm I guess