Most of my games comes from either RuneScape gold seasonal

Most of my games comes from either RuneScape gold seasonal sales from Fanatical, GG, Nuuvem, or physical stores from my country. Specific titles, like Shovel Knight, Beat Saber, Kenshi, RimWorld, My Time at Portia, Factorio, and mostly of indies from my list are purchased on-demand from Humble Store though. Feel free to contact me anytime regarding if you want to know how a specific game was acquired and from which store. Important to note though certain games will be delivered as a Steam Gift, so I might need to add you to gift you. Those are rare cases though, and out of my mind, only Artifact needs to be gifted directly from Steam.

Are all those games on stock Nope. For some games, I might have two copies maximum as those were purchased from physical stores. I do my best to keep my list updated but sometimes I plainly forgot or mistake a title for another one. I'll take responsability and will warn beforehand if a game is available or not.I want 'x game' from 'x store' and it isn't in your list or I just want from that specific store for whatever reason, can you do that for me

Most of time, yes. There might be region restrictions on a on-demand product though, and unless the storefront you asked me to buy from provides this information precisely I will be counting on you to know any possible restriction. If a game is on my list, I will take responsibility to warn you for any and every region lock.

You didn't answer me in your past post I'm very sorry, but since cheap RS gold most of times I check Reddit through my phone, sometimes I end clicking on 'mark all as read' and end missing a comment or two. Please, if you've commented in my post and I didn't replied to you in about 3 hours, feel free to send me a private message.