Account Phishing RuneScape gold This is something

Account Phishing RuneScape gold This is something that you may fall for on an external website, usually under the form of false advertising. Many account phishing websites will Advertise Double XP or some sort of fake uping event

what ever you do, do not click these advertisements and do NOT SIGN IN  monly these will replicate the official Runescape webite, but will instantly steal your account when you enter your password and login username. Old School Runescape will NEVER have Double xp

Always check the official Runescape websiteTwitter account for further information on updates and events if you're unsureOn the topic of account security, you will want to set up an Account Authenticator, as early as humanly and virtually possible.

What ever email address you have linked to your account should also have cheap RuneScape gold a step authenticator, which means that if by any chance someone does have access to your email, you will get a notification saying how someone is trying to access it