And wele to OsrsThe mods I installed are treecapitator RuneScape gold

And wele to OsrsThe mods I installed are treecapitator and Enchanting Plus RuneScape gold although I did not install the latter until I had already tried normal enchanting twice and remembered how annoying it is.I played a lot of this game for years back when I played. Between solo survival and hanging out on massive online servers.

Even being a mod for one, I'd seen a lot.The world I generated for this survival run is by far the best world I've ever experienced in solo survival.I spawned in the middle of a desert stlye village at the edge of a desert biome and bordering a Plains biome.I decided to build my house just outside the village on the Plains by some water.

It's rare to get this good of a spawn point and it's nice to have a use for the unmodded pass since it points relatively close to home.I spent my first  nights in one of the village houses. There were sheep nearby so I was able to make a bed.After that I had enough wood and glass to make a simple one story house.

I eventually would add a basement which I would continue to expand downwards rs 2007 gold With the house built I set out to get iron and more coal. I found several cave systems nearby and scoured them for their resources. By the time I returned I had enough to build a full set of iron tools and armor.I then made a ton of stone picks, built the aforementioned basement, and at the back mined out a  by  staircase down to bed rock, hoping and failing to find a connected cave system I began what I like to call ore chasing.