I had what I needed for RS gold the table itself but

I had what I needed for RS gold the table itself but I wanted the  bookshelves too. I had plenty of wood and leather but I needed paper so I went into the desert to get some reeds and sand to turn one of the ponds near my house into a reed farm.

The desert led me to two great discoveries, a temple just outside the render distance from the village and a second village just outside the end of the desert.After working at it for a while, and looting both villages of any bookshelves they already had, I eventually had enough for my library.

This is when I realizedremembered how disappointing the enchantment system was and added enchanting plus to make it so much better.After expending my XP on a bow with unbreaking , infinity, power  and punch  I returned to the nether to mine quartz.

If anyone doesn't know nether quartz is one of the best and easiest cheap RuneScape gold ways to get lots of XP fast.By the time I finished a sword and pickaxe I had enough quartz that I decided to remodel my house, replacing the oak wood planks with quarts on the walls and ceiling, the torches with glowstone, and the floor and door with dark oak planks.