I decided to post this since RuneScape gold a few weeks ago

I decided to post this since RuneScape gold a few weeks ago I did something similar for runescape after getting back into that for a bit and trying out membership for the first time ever.I doubt this will end up as a short series of posts like that did

I kinda just wanted share my experience returning to this game after so long away. Which reminds me, I really like the addition of a shield, I just wish it didn't take up as much of the screen as it does. I'm sure there's texture packs that fix it but I wanted to stay as vanilla as I could hence only adding two mods for quality of life improvements.

I did have an idea based on a current trend in the old school runescape munity. They're big on region locked ironman runs right now, the most popular of which by far is Settled's Morytania only ultimate ironman, Swampletics.It might be interesting to do a hardcore survival run on world that's all one biome.

Something challenging like all desert or all mushroom.Anyway cheap OSRS gold feel free to let me know what you think of this long rambling journal entry of a post, especially if you think it's stupid and terrible.Hello everyone,I've been a long time casual player of the game, starting back in  or even prior if memory serves correctly I'll admit I was quite a bit young .