It was funny RuneScape gold and there were

It was funny RuneScape gold and there were chances to win prizes as well as help Jagex Monetarily. I bought a few tickets here and there, and that was that. I saw no problems with it, and still see no problem with microtransactions to this day; regardless of whether they give advantage to players over others or not. It's their game, and They have the right to do whatever they want with it.The Evolution of batRelease late , right near the end of my first semester of college, the most "controversial" update in the game was made live.

The opinion I have about it would have had me heckled and mocked had I voiced it back then: EOC was the single greatest updateoverhaul the game has ever had, and I loved it. Anyone who voiced Ideas otherwise, I had thought to be absolutely nuts.

Old School vs Runescape Old school has a lot of good ideas that runescape  could learn from, just as old school learned from it. Having played EOC for so long, when i logged on to old school for the first time and the nostalgia wore off the game just was kind of boring to me.

It's literally runescape had it not evolved, had it not changed cheap OSRS gold To me runescape  is the better game, because it is the real runescape.My main account is not maxed, but has quite a few 's I've gained over the years. At a certain point, the game can bee and never ending grind for goldxp per hour to fund raising your stats to  million xp.