I'm not sure if this is only RuneScape gold AUS

I'm not sure if this is only RuneScape gold AUS servers but shit like this would never happen on WoW or any other games like this. I was quite surprised and i was wondering if everyone was this nice or is this just an isolated incident.

Also any tips on how to get better at the game and such would be great. I am pretty much just mining and smithing and making bank. but i made k off of picking up ash from the people who spam fires at the GE and selling it so it's been pretty good.?Just to clarify I am playing old school

And I don't intend on playing normal RuneScapeThis happened literally minutes ago, and I can't believe I let it happen. I'm sure most of you are familiar with RuneScape. Huge MMO game, really popular quite a few years ago, not as popular after an update that changed the game.

Not too long ago, the pany announced they were releasing the old school version that everyone loved. So I'm very excited, I get it, it's just like my childhood, I play it a lot. Like any MMO buy OSRS gold a lot of it is grinding skills, and gold. I'd amassed quite a bit of gold, about a little over .