Check my bank in the bank that's there RuneScape gold Go

Check my bank in the bank that's there RuneScape gold Go to get a teleport rune, and I can't find them. Anywhere. Really confused, I search my bank for the exact name and there are none. I'm freaking out now because that was a LOT of money I spent on those things, so I check where I keep my gold and it's all gone. Every last cent, gone.

In total, probably close to  million gold including how much I spent on those runes gone. Because I fell for a scam on a Facebook ad. Even when I played this game when I was  years old, I never got scammed like that. My child self is currently frowning at me.

Playing a favorite game from my childhood, and fell for a very obvious scam that my childhood self wouldn't have.How to determine expected value where you don't know the number of events? point  ments submitted  month ago by IronClu to rAskStatisticsI might not be using the correct terminology, sorry?

So my problem is this, from Old School Runescape runescape 2007 gold A cactus has  "lives" when you are harvesting it. When harvesting, each spine you receive has a  chance of depleting one of the lives. I want to know the expected value number of spines I will get from each cactus?