The Ways of avoiding Scam during RS trade

If you are a returning buyer of buying Runescape gold, then you may know something about scam in game, if you are a new comer of buying Runescape gold, you have to know something important from this article about how to avoid scam during trade even after trade.

Normally we inform our buyers to a world and location to take RS Gold, no matter it is for RS 3 Goldor RS 2007 Gold, both are for the same way. When you arrive the location we informed you, scam happen may start. If someone tries to ask you what is your phone number or other personal information under the style of our company guys, you must choose to Ignore it. They are not trusted. If you gave the phone number to him, he may call you after you received gold, he would say the gold has problem or he would say he need to check your RS gold, he would ask you to return him gold and give you extra bonus then. All and All are scam excuse, you can not trust them. If you returned gold, you could not take it back at all, then you were scammed.

Another way of scam is that cheater pretends to be the game official Jagex to talk to you. For example, after your taking RS 2007 Goldfrom our trader, another one around you will say he would ban your account if you did not give gold to him. That was lie. But many buyers especially new players are scared. They thought that was truth and rather than give gold to him. Then come back to our guys and tell us he did not receive gold. That means scam happened.

Then how to avoid scam like these in game? It’s easily to be done. No matter what they say in game, just dont need to care them, because our company doesnt ask gold back after Runescape Golddelivery finished. What you need to do is stay in the location we told you then accept trade if someone tries to give you gold. After getting them, just leave the location immediately, That is all you need to do.

Hopefully this article is useful to your buying RS Goldon our website.