I’m fairly new to osrs OSRS Gold with only

They will show newers the ropes RuneScape gold and give them gold or items to them go give them a booster, you people are the best, and thank you for that.I hope to see more people like you in other munities someday.I heard about Old School Runescape a couple of weeks ago and recalled that some of my friends used to play it I made an account and eventually made it through tutorial island.I found myself in a place called Varrock at this big trading hub thing Great Exchange? and there was this guy advertising "Doubling your money".

Now I only had  gold pieces and was a bit overwhelmed with all the different ways to make money that I'd read about, so I took this guy up on his offer. Unfortunately, he took my  gold and disappeared Straight up vanished somehow. Anyway, I laughed and called myself an idiot and headed out of the city to try and recoup my losses, but some guy was following me and shouted my username He said he saw what happened and tried to trade with me.

I gingerly accepted, not wanting to be cleaned out twice, but he offered  thousand gold and acceptedI had nothing to offer back but he seemed quite content to let me have it for free I was super appreciative and skipped all the way back to market to finally start training my Ranged skill. I could only use a shortbow at level , but I noticed that the cheapest ammo for my quiver was "Bronze Bolts" which I happily spent all my money on.Lo and behold, I tried to attack a goblin with my new weapon but I was told I wasn't allowed to use my bolts with my bow Typical...

I headed back to the market and went to sell my bolts. I told everyone at the market about my mistake, because I found it pretty funny, but this one chap wanted to trade with me He had a need for the bolts, and for my several thousand bronze bolts, he gave me , gold and a willow bow I feel like I massively ripped him off, but he seemed quite happy. I've been wasting them all hitting 's on Edgeville Dungeon Hill Giants for the last hour or so, beaming with gleeSorry for shit paraphrasing.

I’m a mobile userEarlier today I was going back and forth from the lumbridge castle bank to the castle kitchen buy RS gold cooking a bunch of fish to use for later training in my bat skills, I’m fairly new to osrs, with only a total skill level of  as of writing this.Suddenly I get a random trade, I don’t think much of it and ignore it, but I get another one about  seconds later.Giving in, I just accept it and see what happens, but out of nowhere, the guy just puts in over.