Strategy for non-member players of warrior

Hello to every reader!Today i have some strategies for runescape warrior players who don’t have memberships.I have ideas on 4 different level ranks for upgrading your character to share with you below.

LV 1-20

In this rank , i have two nice mops for your farming. One is cow, on the right side of the lumbridge, they can drop cow hides , which you can sell and be well paid, it is a perfect mop for level 1- 20.Another mop is the chicken, beside the cow place, the most funny thing is that they are hurtless mops , they will never cause damage to you, and you can kill them without worrying about the supply. Therefore you can save a big amount of feather selling for Runescape gold.

LV 21-50

Al-Khalid warriors and flesh crawlers. There is palace in the Al-Khalid desert, they are many warriors , and you can keep farming there, you can get experience about 15000 per second. And for the mop flesh crawlers, you need to be level 40 at least.They are on the second-floor burrow in the barbarian village.You will get rich experience and gold after killing many of them. The burrow is a nice upgrade place , by the way.

LV 51-80

Here i have only one mop for you, that is the horrible giant spider.Still the burrow , but on the third floor.It is almost the best mop for non-member players, you must be level 65 at least, friend, cos they are offensive and cause huge damage.You can imagine , a group of giant spiders around your side are biting you,you can do nothing but keep fighting, and it is rewarding, you can get about 34000 experience in an hour!

LV 81-100+

Song of ice and fire.There are lesser demon in the karamja volcano, and ice warrior in the port sarim. These two are high-level mops , so you need prepare enough supply for the adventure, but this high-risk high-yield Investment! The Runescape equipment and items and gold wont let you down.

I will surely share all sorts of strategies recently, i hope you guys will have a nice mood while reading them, whats more, hope you can receive a lot after your reading !