Why Runescape can attract such many people to play?

  With the development of science and technology, more and more different new things come into being, people are interested in choosing what they like to do. Game is one of those most popular things in our daily life. They have different contents and futures, people can get various experience and feelings through playing games. But Each game has its life just like human beings, it is limited. Some games can be popular for years, but they will go out of date with time goes by, because new game replace of the old one; some games can just run for some months or even days, people will give them up cause the failure of the design or the horrible experience.

  But why Runescape runs for over than 10 years and it still the apple of the players, the most important reason is that the game contains much content and bigger than other games which Mark Gerhard, Jagex CEO, committed to. And Runescape updates its content weekly and has done that for many years---just consider that the game has existed in some from since 2001, and you begin to understand the breadth of content that Jagex has to offer its players. But it is hard to imagine how big it is , right? You cant even search every map and fight with every monsters in this game. This plenty of content to dive to is great in many respects,but it can also make the newcomers shrink back at the sight of such a huge game. No doubt many people reading this will have never touched Runescape before, in part because they don’t see how they can possibly compete with players who have been playing this game over than 10 years now.

  But we can look at this on the other side, this game has much content, so we have many choices here. It is just like a buffet, we dont have to eat everything. Just eat the stuff you like, so does the game. And also you can many chances to learn how to make Runescape Gold. We can just play what we like, dont need to experience every place in this game. The updates is so frequently so that we can get a different experience every week and we expect it. If you dont play Runescape for a long time, and you want to play it again, it is going to be night and day. It is not a completely different game, but it’s certainly a new experience. That is the reason that Runescape attracts people to play.

  Join in Runescape, enjoy your life.