Safety for Runescape Game

  In our daily life,everyone may have the experience that you are scammed by someone. You would encounter scam anywhere in your life because you have no experience about it . You are so kind that you choose to believe others when you meet some scam. Just for the reason you may be cheated even though you know frauds exist in the game and they may not away from you.There is no exception in the game,fraud can also exist in fictitious world game is a typical example.

  When you have spent a large quantity of time and money in a game , you may regard it just like a  you are adopting, putting your time and energy and money in leveling up and do best equipment for your game account.Just imagine if you encountered hacking in the game, what felling would you have. That is nothing less than murdering, how could you put up with this if it happened on you.What fraud want to get is nothing than your gold and equipment. Especially in Runescape Game, you can sell anything in game include Runescape gold and items and accounts, that is benefit for fraud ,fraud like to steal premium member, because they have more rights in game, they have more skills and gold, premium member can play in more places and make more money in these places,  someone would like to buy some cheap Runescape gold and items and high level account from scammer, so fraud can make money in game, they will adapt various of methods to get what they want, so they exist anywhere, you need to be careful of them. When you log in account, plz pay your attention on the surrounding environment, some fraud will stay your side, if you dont mention them, they will know your account information and steal it. Many fraud would like to scam gold, which is easier than account information stolen. usually fraud adapt 2 methods to scam runescape gold.

  One way is they will inform you to return gold when you receive it, because they will tell you it has some quality problem on your gold, they need to check the gold quality. plz don’t trust them, that is the scam way, gold is Virtual money in game, it doesnt have quality problem. All gold is the same in game, It is unnecessary for you to worry about it.Another way is pretend to be a Runescape official staff, they will warn you to hand your gold to them otherwise your account will be banned, because you bought the gold from illegal channel. That is a threat letter for you, not true, you don’t need to respond them, these are scam ways.

  What i want to emphasize from is that we should step up the vigilance in the game avoid unnecessary lose happened and i sincerely hope every player can enjoy Runescape Game.