New ways to play Runescape

  The new ways to play Runescape are just for old players, cos they need some skills while the freshmen do not have.Old players may get bored in doing as always in game , they may need to something different to fresh their game life, however, players who are fancy farming Runescape gold or donging Runescape power leveling are not included.

  First one, steal skill.This is a exciting skill in the game ,it is just like drawing a lottery, cos it fails easily all the time, but don’t you think it is a super interesting activity to steal an item from other players ,mops or even NPC.The point is to raise the rate for success,a valid way to practice it is just keeping having tries , this helps a lot to the skill proficiency,therefore, to make you fail less times when you are trying to use the funny skill.Remember, the higher level of item’s owner and the more expensive the item is ,the lower rate to finish the stealing.

  Second one, unlock chest.If you are a tourist in the Runescape world,you must have explored many unknown maps and you may meet some mysterious chests waiting for strangers, then you got another way for having different fun in game.It is just like a trip of adventure,you do not need to do other things but keep walking or running in the unknown areas of the game world.Usually , it seems like there is a huge treasure lying somewhere waiting for you, however, most items being taken out from the chests are useless, some of them are even empty and let you become super disappointed.But, it is an activity like go fishing, the key point is enjoying the process instead of the result.

  Third one is the last one i am gong to talk about today, and it is a bloody one,change other players and kill them.It is just like a gambling,and the cost is your personal life in game and some items in your bag, but it is pretty exciting for you.You can challenge whoever you want in the game and you can kill them if you are strong enough.But i have a kind advice for you, do not kill to much in the game ,or you will become a notorious murder in the game world,that would be a sad thing for a Runescape player.

  In the end , i hope you guys could find your own ways to enjoy the game , and i will be very happy if you can share your nice ideas with me, see you!