Note This game was originally a flash game RuneScape gold If you’re unsure

Note This game was originally a flash game RuneScape gold If you’re unsure, just look it up online and try it on your PC. Don’t get too attached though, as the flash version has less content than the premium oneReigns  Paid  Reigns: Her Majesty  PaidReigns is a very interesting game where you are a king and you control your country by swiping cards left and right. Basically, you control your country by simply saying yes or no to prompts to manage your  resources without depleting or filling any of them. For example, a noble might ask you for your approval of a new trade route.

If you say yes, you will get more money. But tread carefully, that isn’t necessarily a good thing, because if you have maximum money, the nobles and rich will take over the country and you will lose. If your army gets very weak, you will lose. If your army gets really strong, they’ll start a coup against you and you will lose.Which leads to a very interesting and surprisingly simple strategy game. Random events every year makes the game feel very exciting and fresh every single run. In one run, you could raise a spoiled child that ends up killing you and taking over the throne In another, the executioner resigns and the doctor proposes to use poison to execute people, which leads to a plague spreading, causing you and your entire population to die There’s a kind of joy whenever you discover a new absurd way to die or new events that cause unexpected things to happen, all because of a simple yesno option.

You could spend days discovering all the neat secrets and new surprises in this game. No wonder this game got the most innovative game award in . It’s a fresh new idea that’s never been done before, one you should definitely consider trying.The Room  Paid  The Room   Paid  The Room PaidThe room series is a bunch of puzzle games in which you attempt to crack some sort of safe containing the secrets of some weird symbol and the meaning of life, apparently The story is incredibly vague.

This game is the most innovative puzzle game I’ve played on android runescape 2007 gold Whenever you solve a puzzle, the safe opens new gizmos and unfolds into something entirely else. While most puzzles are usually on a flat surface of some kind, the puzzles here are entire D areas just begging to be explored on every level.