Access to closed beta

Good news!An Idle Adventures will take place in the next few weeks,that means you will get an access to a closed beta ,but you need to have an account on Steam,because the event will be held on Steam.The official will be glad to get feedback from you guys.

If you haven’t heard about it, RuneScape: Idle Adventures is their upcoming free-to-play game set in a familiar universe and being made in collaboration with the folks at Hyper Hippo. It pairs chilled-out, low-intensity game-play with all that’s great about leveling up and looting in an RPG. You can run it anywhere, anytime. Experience familiar and new nuggets of RuneScape lore as your character progresses in real time.

If you’re interested in playing the closed beta, please follow the link on their website and fill in the short survey.It’s a great opportunity to get involved! The version for testing is still being built, so please know that it will have its bugs and be a bit broken in places. But like the finished version Its going to be perfect “second-screen gaming”, so it won’t take you away from playing RS and can even be played at the same time! Of course,you can enjoy farming for RS gold.Good luck - they’re looking forward to your answers!

In my opinion,it should be an very interesting activity, you can try something different in the testing version,cos they are bugs somewhere in the game, they need you to find out and report them to the game official, then you may get rewards for what you had found.

By the way,i have an advice for you,please do not pay money for specific server like Runescape 2007 for gold,or do the Runescape power leveling in this closed beta,cos the game official will close the server for updating eventually,you may lose your gold, and for the power leveling, you may have to stop the leveling for the unpredictable maintenance.

Finally,i hope you guys can have a good time in the closed beta, and find some interesting bugs or incomplete maps,and do not forget to send your findings to the game official, it is their real aim for this closed beta after all.