The idea is that you're supposed RS gold to get

The idea is that you're supposed RS gold to get from one place to the other by manipulating perspective it's harder to explain than it is to show until you reach the end of the level. With a BEAUTIFUL art style, great ambiance, and levels that expand and unfold ala The Room, it's an experience like no other.But here's the thing, the key word here being 'experience'. I was torn on whether to add this to the list or not because for , it's a pretty short game you can finish it in roughly  minutes, if not less, and the puzzles aren't really puzzles.

They aren't difficult, just relaxing. For some people, that's a deal breaker, but I just can't deny how much I loved this game playing through it. Its masterfully crafted levels and visuals are quite possibly the best I've ever seen in an Android game. While I was yearning for more by the end, I'm still satisfied with what I got. If you enjoy beautiful zenlike experiences, give this game a shot.Honorable Mentions Bad banker: Bad Banker is a clever puzzle game about joining together numbered squares to make bigger numbers.

What sets this apart from the genre is its sheer plexity. The game plays more like a management game, taking care of your money and taking out petition all while managing the amount of space that you have. The reason it's not on the list is because it's hard to pick up and play, the tutorial is pretty long and if you're bad at it like me, it feels like you're constantly troubled by something and you never feel like you're in control of what's happening.

Still, a fantastic game worthy of a mention Bonza Word Puzzle: Bonza is a word game where you connect broken pieces of a crossword puzzle to make words based off a specific hint. The game is really simple, and has a lot of content to go with it. It's a simple idea that genuinely works well and is a lot of fun Unpuzzle buy OSRS gold Unpuzzle is a game where you "unpuzzle" a board and remove pieces in a specific order until there's nothing left. While the concept sounds easy and simple, the game constantly introduces a BUNCH of new mechanics every few level until your board looks like an overwhelming mess of shapes and colors that's just so satisfying and fun to clean up.