A Dark Room paid RuneScape gold This game almost made it

A Dark Room paid RuneScape gold This game almost made it to the list, but I decided not to because it’s more of an experience than an actual game. The game starts as a sort of idleclicker game with emphasis on the story but it quickly branches out and bees something else entirely. The mystery and writing in this game is really good, but there’s really no replay value at all. After I finished it I just uninstalled. I’d maybe add this game to the list if it were free, but sadly that isn’t the case.

Note: this game is free on PC Let's Create Pottery paid: Exactly what it sounds like, Let's Create Pottery is a game about making, coloring, decorating, and selling pots, and then buying new decorations and materials to use in the future. This game is a very neat concept that's executed surprisingly well, and can provide you hours of entertainment assuming you're creative enough.

They even have a website where you can share your pots online The problem, though, is the mission system and the broken economy. The missions have you replicating a different pot from a small picture and can honestly be very tedious as you'll just trialerror your way into getting it right. The economy is also in bad shape because the game can't recognize good pots, and you can create a mess in  minutes that'll sell higher than a masterpiece you created in  hours, which pletely ruins progression.

It's still a very entertaining casual game, though Hook paid buy RS gold Hook is a brilliant minimalist puzzle game that consistently introduces new mechanics and concepts as you go through it, making sure you'll never be bored and the game will never be repetitive. The only problem is, as usual, it's pretty short. You can finish the entire game in about  minutes or less ala Monument Valley. It's a shame, because if it had more content it definitely would've made it to the list.