A couple of things before discussing some of the other features

A couple of things before discussing some of the other features of the update Star Citizen's new damage system is procedural RuneScape gold It's exactly what every space sim fan could possibly want out of a nearrealistic damage module that not only shows alphablended parallax texture damage so without the actual ship model being geometrically affected, it still looks as if the ship is taking some serious damage based on the manipulation of the textures but there's also the included bonus of ships being able to break apart from positional damage.

The best way to describe it is like Forza Motorsport or Project CARS' damage systems finetuned for spacecraft. It looks good.The Aegis Retaliator and the Aegis Gladius have also both launched and are available for reallife coin for those interested in backing the Runescape game and gaining access to a sexy new spacecraft. Star Citizen's Retaliator and Gladius come in two packages a standalone and a bundle package.

The standalone package just includes the ship, some insurance and a hangar to store the ship. The bundle package contains , game ingame credits, an industrial hangar, six months worth of ship insurance, manuals, a soundtrack, behindthescenes featurettes, a download for Star Citizen and beta access.Given that the standalone is worth  for the Aegis Retaliar and  for the Aegis Gladius, yet the bundle packages are worth and respectively, it's kind of hard to see why anyone would stick with the standalone package when you could get a bunch of other stuff with the bundle for more in the case of the Retaliator and  more in the case of the GladiusAnyway.

These ships will also be available to those who did not pledge for them with real life coin runescape 2007 gold The new REC system mentioned above will enable Runescape players to earn ingame credits by completing objectives and playing with the Arena Commander mode. After earning enough credits, Runescape players will be able to rent various ingame ships and equipment that are available for up to seven days. It helps give gamers a taste of what's to come.You can learn more about the new REC system, the new automated and manual landing systems for the ships and details on the new ships available for those who pledge a hefty sum of money by paying a visit to the official website.