Bandos Chestplates are worth 10m OSRS Gold maybe

Bandos Chestplates are worth 10m OSRS Gold maybe less, not because they're any less powerful, simply because they're too abundant. Only the rarest, most recent items have retained the majority of their value, but given enough time this will happen to them as well. What can we do to stop the inflation of an item that can be infinitely generated?With an item sink, which is exactly what Warding intended to do.

Say what you will about RS3, but while their economy is in the gutters due to nearly two decades of hyperinflation, they've made great strides towards combating this inflation. They've implemented a gold cost to create your own instance in a boss arena.

They've added a permanent gold dump in exchange for titles, but most of all, they created a new skill entirely based around being an item sink: Invention.At it's core, Invention is a skill where you break down items for certain components, and with these components you can add perks to your armor, weapons, and tools in order to cause new effects to occur while using these pieces of equipment.

But for you, the important bit is that it can be used to break down items buy OSRS gold What Jagex cleverly did was they created this cycle of Buy, Disassemble, and repeat, in order to grind for the best-in-slot perks. All the while, the cost of these items continues to rise, as the number in the game is slowly reduced.Now, one might argue that this creates an incentive to go farm these items even more.