Another thing which has never really been enhanced is that the report system

Another thing which has never really been enhanced is that the report system. Personally, I believe that some of these report motives choices do not clarify anything OSRS Gold it appears with recent posts such as that guy being banned for PKing a streamer is considered harassment at the way they murdered them. How can someone harass? I understand if a person is continually following someone about a source area despite being much to share just to prevent another runescape player from taking it because it sounds"funny".

What would the mods consider harassment? Also verbal abuse? Runescape game includes a block button, runescape game includes a filter for"no no words" How can it be justified to prohibit someone for harassment/verbal abuse when there are numerous items in game to prevent it. Block them if you do not like what someone is saying. Turn the filter on, if you don't like words.

People say"people should not be toxic" But from what side of the coin are we looking at. Is the person someone who is dreadful and rude or can it be someone, like those who play runescape game.Am I ought to be banned? If a person has been bugged in game they are most likely going to swear at the person doing it.

The offender expression by Jagex is quite unclear and"dull for offensive speech" may be telling somebody who has spent an hour tailing one to every stone crab to fuck off and find a life. Abuse my bum. That's the reason why is a block button and the filter that is extra helps a ton RuneScape gold game is intended for the ages of 13 decades and over. All 13 year olds understand that these words and most likely even use them from people too.