OSRS Tithe Farm Guide

Tithe Farm is a rewarding Farming minigame at Old School RuneScape. If you've ever grown Farming, you'll understand that there is a lot of waiting time. You have to wait for the flowering of cuttings, herbs and seeds - meanwhile, there is nothing else but other activities. Despite OSRS Gold, you can progress faster.


The best way to achieve this mini-game is to use the teleportation system in the mini-game or Xeric's Glade. You can also use the Kourend teleport - it is included in the Nexus portal. You can also move your home to Hosidius' home for around 9,000 gold, a minigame in the city. If you've never been to Kourend, you can talk to Veos in Port Sarim and explore the kingdom.

Having your things is always necessary. You need a shovel that is available in almost every store. You also need seed for seed and many water jugs: you need eight water jugs.

You need to be at least level 34 to play this mini-game. You can plant Golovanova seeds. Breeding at levels 54 and 74 Breeding are the next stages of progress that allow the use of Bolgano and Logavano seeds, respectively. To maximize experience, level 74 is perfect, but it's the only really active way to train agriculture.

The tithe farm minigame was 100% stuck in front of Hosidius. The favorite is the system used exclusively within Great Kourend and there are 5 houses. You can view the status of the favor by clicking the icon in the mission log.

If you have a graceful outfit, it will help you maintain energy in combination with endurance drinks (or super energy drinks). Additionally, if you unlock the Moon Book spells by completing Dream Mentor, Humidify is a fantastic utility spell. Thanks to Humidify, you can fill pitchers without visiting a water source in exchange for 1 astral rune, 1 fire rune and 3 water runes. However, Full Graceful is much more useful than Humidify. You will have energy problems everywhere, so you should bring as much weight reducing equipment as possible.

Guide and strategy

To start with, you are at Farmers House, where there is a purple icon. Select the highest level of available seeds from the table. You get a set of 100 seeds: that's the maximum you can carry. Then you can enter your own copy of Tithe Farm. We warn you that if this is an instance area, if you drop items and leave the instance, they will be lost permanently.

You have to deal with many patches immediately. You can plant the seeds absolutely anywhere, unless there is already a dead plant. After planting the seeds, water them three times, each with its own growth cycle. The total plant growth time is about 3 minutes. If you do not water the plant before the end of the growth cycle, it will die and waste seeds.

The best strategy for a mini-game is to use 5 patches. Before you fully plant all 5 of them, you can go back to the first plant and water it just in time.

Gricoller gets manure by entering the mini-game. However, using it only complicates things and is not recommended for any purpose. If you try to grow seeds in more than 5 places, you will not be able to manage growth cycles and you will have dead plants.

The best reward in the store is the farmer's outfit. Wearing a full farmer's outfit provides a 2.5% experience bonus for all farming activities. Each element provides a marginal bonus to experience. So when you throw the fruit, switch from Graceful to the farmer's outfit and you will get extra experience. However, the bonus is not limited to the tithe farm: it applies to all RuneScape.