Introduction to treasure routes at OSRS

One of the things players will notice when they start playing OSRS is that you can participate in a seemingly endless number of actions. Whether it's searching, hunting for OSRS gold or killing monsters, everyone will find something for themselves. One of these tasks is Treasure Trails, which can be an interesting way to play. In this short guide you will learn what Treasure Trails are and how to use them.

What are the treasure routes?

Treasure tracks are therefore a unique task in which you scroll with clues that contain puzzles to solve. This will lead you to a chest of rewards that can give you special rewards. You must defeat the monsters to get these reels, although due to their rarity it takes several tries. You can also get them by participating in mini-games or using skills such as fishing, mines or lumberjack.

There is no specific location when it comes to places where the journey takes you. You will find that you travel the whole world from Runescape depending on where it sends you. Therefore, make sure to save some time and effort by having transportation and teleportation wherever possible.

In addition, you may need to complete some tasks to access the areas the scroll leads to. Therefore, make sure to go ahead and complete missions that can stop your progress while completing the Treasure Trail.

What are the different levels of difficulty?

After receiving the clue scroll, you will find that it has the correct difficulty level. There are six different levels of difficulty in treasure levels; Beginner, easy, intermediate, difficult, elite and master. You can take many turns with different levels of difficulty. But be careful that you cannot have more than one scroll at a time.

What are STASH Units?

If you plan on doing Treasure Routes regularly, you want to know more about STASH Units. Short for "Keep items and things here", these units are used to store everything you need to save space in your inventory while treasure hunting. In total, there are 107 units, which are often masked as objects such as bushes and boxes.

What rewards do I receive?

There are many different rewards you can get from the Treasure Trails. In total, there are 638 unique prizes to be won, and more difficult scrolls can even grant access to rare items. Each difficulty level offers its own set of rewards, from cosmetic items such as clothes, as well as weapons, harnesses and other shapely elements of the set, for which you want to reward your hard work. You also earn gold with an amount depending on the difficulty, and you can also get emoticons and other rewards after completing the correct number of reels.

If you want to see your progress, you can do that with the Treasure Trail Statistics feature. You can also view the Adventure Log if you own a home. You will be ranked based on the number of roles you have completed, from beginner to beginner, then explorer, treasure hunter, expert, elite, master and ultimately legendary. Remember, to get Legendary status, you have to complete over 2000 reels of clues, but we all have to start somewhere.

That's all you need to know to start hunting in OSRS Treasure Trails. They shouldn't be too difficult if you kill creatures or use the right skills to get where you need to go. You should now be more than ready to start working on the status of the legendary treasure hunter, so look for these roles!