3 reasons to play Old School RuneScape

Runescape is a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG developed and published by Jagex and released in 2002. Old School Runescape, or commonly known as OSRS, is a billion dollar game with a worldwide fan base, several world records, and a wide variety of content that can be played for years to come. There is a subscription fee of $ 10.99 per month, but with the option to purchase more months at a time to lower the average monthly cost.

Old School Runescape has 23 skills, some of which are agility, construction, breeding, aviation, herblore, hunter, thief, assassin and many more. Each of these abilities has its own benefits in unlocking them.

To add some content to the game, players can access mini modes. The minigames are only available in member worlds, except Castle Wars. Minigames are competition between players and other players, or players can play alone or in teams. This can be a great alternative to improve your combat and non-combat skills while playing against other players. More than twenty mini-games are available including Agility Pyramid, Duel Arena, Gnome Ball, Mage Arena, Rat Pits, Trouble Brewing and many more. As you can see the game is a lot of fun if you have a monthly subscription.

While many gamers won't like paying a monthly subscription to unlock a lot of features, a lot of people think this is a game worth spending ten bucks on. Since a free-to-play game doesn't offer the best gaming experience, it's better to pay a small number of dollars to unlock the fun and lots of in-game content. But if you look on the bright side, the game offers a huge amount of content to enjoy, so don't feel wasted paying the monthly subscription fee as it's a game worth paying for.

You can also be a free-to-play player, but the worlds are very limited for them. Free players only have access to two kingdoms: Asgarnia, Misthalin, Karanja and Wilderness. While subscription members have access to the entire world map, this is certainly a drawback for these free players, but if you are just going to try the game, it is highly recommended that you become a free-to-play player first. Here are some of the worlds available to members: Morytania, Kharidian Desert, Kandirin, Feldip Hills, and more.

These are 3 reasons I think play Runescape games. This game is great. In addition. If you need to buy Runescape gold, you can go through our website.