OSRS Runescape – Looting From Runite Golems

The Rune Golem is one of the rarer creatures in the OSRS when it comes to looting. These monsters have been a part of the game for quite some time, although the area they live in is quite difficult to reach. Reaching it, however, can help you collect some pretty unique loot that you can find |. So without further ado, let's see what loot you can get from Runite Golems.

What is a Runite Golem?

The Runite Golem can be found in the Territory behind the Derelict Stronghold. Killing a golem gives you Rune Ore or Runite Rocks which you need to retrieve as soon as possible otherwise the golem will come back and force you to repeat the process. You need 85 mining guilds to kill them on time, which takes about a minute. With this blacksmith skill point, you should be able to kill around 60 kills per hour. After the runengolems are gone, the respawn time will take approximately 5 minutes. Don't worry because they're missing as there are only two on each world map.

Golems are vulnerable to melee attacks, especially pickaxes, which will be especially useful in the area. If you've achieved the mining skill suggested by the player, you can expect more melee damage. Once upon a time, if you poisoned a runite golem, the rune stones it turned into would also be poisoned, meaning it would do damage before it disappeared. Luckily, this was fixed a few years ago so there's nothing to worry about.

What kind of weapon should I use on a Runite Golem?

Using melee weapons on Runic Golems is the best way to take action. The Dragon Ax can be very effective. While the rapier can be handy, we recommend the Wilderness Mace mace. You may have come across a wild weapon, such as Viggora's Chain Mace, that can be used to destroy Golems while digging with rocks in the area.

In case you weren't familiar, Chainmace Viggory belongs to a man who was there in the Second Age. Legend has it that his club was used by a follower of Zamorak in the Wars of the Gods after his death. If you find yourself in the Caves of the Wraiths, the mace can be discovered as a drop of one of the wraiths inside.

However, there is a requirement to use a mac. If you want to use it, you need attack speed of level 60 and the benefits it brings are extremely useful. For example, it has a fairly devastating passive effect as you roam the wilds if you use the Aether of Revenge to charge it.

What reward will I get for looting 1000 Runite Golems?

If you plan on trying the popular method of plundering 1000 of these enemies, a trait many other players do with other monsters in OSRS, be careful; it will be a time-consuming effort. You can kill about 60 Runit Golems per hour, so if you want to take out that many Golems, you'll need to spend roughly a full day working.

This may not bring you as many rewards as the black rune dragon, but you will get 1000 rune ore because each golem is worth 1 rune ore. By combining the received gems, you should also receive a total of approximately 11 million.

Overall, the game isn't just about defeating monsters and collecting Old School Runescape Gold (OSRS Gold). There are also many sanding options. Plundering Runite Golems is a decent reward if you're willing to spend some time. Don't forget that there are other Rune monsters you can loot, just remember to remember the methodology for each specific creature and consider using the Wilderness weapon when needed. Make sure you are well rested at the end.