How is Runescape taking over Venezuela?

Gold farming is a term that is used in many online games. It's about creating huge amounts of in-game currency from an MMO game and then selling it for real profit. It is extremely popular in less developed countries such as Venezuela as it is a very profitable method of earning money.

In almost all games, this is completely against the Terms of Service, and companies will not hesitate to lock or lock player accounts if they get caught doing so. It is also quite common among the younger generation who have a need to receive and spend money but are unable to work. Therefore, they play this game for extra cash.

In Venezuela, 50% of the younger generation is said to be using Runescape to grow gold, and it is clear why.

How Venezuelans get gold

There are thousands of methods in Runescape and Old school Runescape by which Venezuelans use Gold Farm. One of the most popular methods in the game is to kill monsters to get loot.

Green dragons are a monster in Runescape that can loot the player with a good amount of solid gold in the game. Two items will drop at once. Dragon bones and green dragon skin. They can be sold on the in-game market, the Grand Exchange, for a total of around 4,500 gold.

These pieces of OSRS gold can be sold on numerous third-party websites for around $ 0.02- $ 0.03 for a single Green Dragon kill. Players can kill one of these dragons every few seconds. If Venezuelans do this, they can earn a lot of real money every day. It may not seem like a lot in developed countries like the US or the UK, but in Venezuela it is believed to be a better salary than what doctors get, which is a great thing.

There are also other profitable activities that players can perform in the game to earn a lot more money. As they gain better skill levels in the game, they can kill stronger monsters that drop even more expensive loot, allowing them to earn more.

How do they sell gold?

Once upon a time, a person had collected enough gold in the game and decided to sell it now. There are many third party websites that offer Runescape gold exchange service for real money.

You do this by contacting one of these services and then choosing how much Runescape gold you want to sell and what payment method you want. Some of the most common options are PayPal or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The service will then give you a location in Runescape you can go to and the name of a character you can trade gold for. Once this process is complete, the service will send you the money via the selected payment option. This is how people earn real money with the standard Runescape MMORPG.

How Runescape Gold is changing the life of Venezuela

In Venezuela, as soon as someone sold Runescape gold and got paid. They can live much better than if they were doing local work in their home country.

The wages for working in Venezuela are terrible, and it doesn't even compare to what they get from selling Runescape gold.

With all the money, it could have a huge positive impact on Venezuela's life. Rent, bills, food, medicine, clothes and everything else in life will no longer be a burden. Even after the essentials are paid, a lot of money remains, allowing people to go crazy on luxury goods and enjoy life.

The fact that some people in Venezuela can afford good drugs and save their lives by playing Runescape really shows just how far technology and games have come. People can even educate themselves or their children well, which can make them knowledgeable. This has ramifications for the HDI of Venezuela as a whole, from Runescape itself.