OSRS Hunter Training Guide

If you want to take a break from collecting OSRS gold and killing demons, a great way to upgrade your character is to start training your Hunter. It can be a profitable business, but you need to level it properly to make it profitable in the long run. With that in mind, here are the best Hunter training methods you can use.

Birdhouse Runs

This is one of the most recognizable and common Hunter training methods. You'll need 100 Varrock Museum Kudos as well as Dig Site and Bone Voyage to get started, but it will definitely be worth it. Once you have fulfilled the requirements that can be met at levels 5 through 89, you are good to go.

This method is essentially similar to hunter farming, and you can collect your earnings every 50 minutes. When riding Ironmen you can sometimes collect bird nests from houses. After unlocking them, you can expect a rapid rise in the Hunter level. Once you reach level 5 you will earn 1120XP when you fly into the aviary, which should raise your level to level 12.

The reason this method is so important to Hunter is because it allows you to skip the slower promotion methods. This is a more direct method so it depends on whether this is the path you want to take, but it is highly recommended.

Ruby Butterflies / Copper Longtails

Once you reach level 15, you can switch to a faster form of hunting. You will need a butterfly net, as well as five butterfly pots and two bird snares, as we are going to catch Ruby Butterflies and Copper Longtails. Endurance drinks are great for such tasks and will help you a lot.

You may have noticed that Copper Long Tails offer less XP than Cerulean Twitch, but in the end they are much faster to catch, mainly thanks to the extra XP you earn for catching butterflies. Either way, you can grind this process up in about half an hour.

Green Swamp Lizards

The previous method can take you to level 29, after which the Green Swamp Lizards will take you all the way to 43. This takes place in the swamps of Morytania and you will soon be able to speed up your Hunter XP again. With five ropes and small fishing nets to set up tree traps, you can catch these elusive lizards. Stamina Potions will be very useful here again. You can reach level 43 by catching 253 Green Swamp Lizards, which can be done within an hour.

Save Salamanders

Catching red salamanders works the same way as green swamp lizards. You can find them near Castle Wars, south of Ardougne. You can reach level 67 with red salamanders, of which you catch 1104. If you follow this method, it can be completed in about five hours. You can speed up this process with Birdhouse Runs, as we've discussed before, but make sure to use weight-saving armor to make it even faster.

Red Chinchompas

There are other ways to get to the max level of 63, but probably the least frustrating way is going through the Red Chinchompas. They may earn less XP than black chinch compasses, but what they provide is both the source of a constant income and the XP you crave.

You can use this method from level 63, although your experience level will depend on where you are. You can train him to level 99 Hunter which will get you 68,826,240 GP, although it should take several hours.

If you want to train a skill and earn large amounts of OSRS gold at the same time, training a hunter is one of the best ways. The bird run is perhaps the most important method of training a hunter. Either way, there are many methods that will get you promoted quickly.