​A real case of one-star reviews of OSRS mobile

The great thing about video games is that they are completely subjective and meet the needs of any gamer. RuneScape is another title that separates opinions from good to bad. While many have a happy time collecting their Runescape Gold or diving into the dungeons, many are simply not interested. This is more than okay, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

But like many titles in the game world, RuneScape is subject to a strange bombardment of reviews. Sure, it may not be as deliberate as the brutal bombing some games are subjected to, but OSRS has its fair share of 1-star reviews on the Runescape mobile platform. Clinician: often based on minimal knowledge of the actual game.

The impact of the mobile OSRS platform

Before we get into some of the feedback she has received, the question is why this could have happened. When it comes to the mobile version of Old School Runescape, there are few arguments that the portable platform is the largest and most accessible way to play video games in the world. Hence, it means that it is easy to leave reviews because the mobile game store platform is so easy to navigate and access.

In total, OSRS has a 4.5-star rating in the Google Play App Store, with more than 50,000 reviews in this category. However, there are some individual reviews that do not provide any justification for why they chose to do this. Again, it's worth mentioning that leaving a review is completely subjective, and if you have a valid reason, you can leave a low review of the game. However, when it comes to some of the lowest ratings possible, some can only be described as outrageous.

Why does OSRS Mobile receive one-star ratings?

In such a case, there are reviews of a specific user who decided to offer a one star review just because he is not old enough to play the game. Of course, if it were for a valid reason, any game without an E rating would get it! Other dubious reviews discuss teaching Satanic practices to children. As we said, kids are not considered old enough to play this game, so claiming to be subject to it is categorically wrong. Not only that, but missions where you kill demons show that you will overcome such satanic practices, so again, while legitimate in their opinion, these responses are not exactly factual.

Other reviews usually focus on booting or hacking. Unfortunately, many players have fallen victim to hacking incidents, one of the frequent occurrences of which seems to be the use of promising social media events such as double XP or similar style. While this is against the law and should not happen to any player, it is not sufficient reason to lower the rating of the game itself. When it comes to getting banned for botching, it is very clear that you will be banned for such actions, so do it at your own risk.

What are the Effects of Negative Reviews?

While the negative reviews outweigh the positive, they can ultimately affect the overall performance of the game, which could discourage future players from playing the title. It is important to read the descriptions left by those who are dissatisfied with the release of OSRS Mobile, as you probably already know by reading this far in the article. In fact, there have been instances where players have even stated that they are enjoying the game now, but didn't initially and therefore left a low score in the review. Therefore, read the reviews again carefully and form your own opinion as to whether they are really valid or not.

The thing is, if you rightly don't like Old School Runescape and don't want to spend your days adventurous with multiple quests or get as much OSRS Gold as possible, then that's fine. But as you can see from some examples given in this article, there are some that lower the overall rating of the game for reasons unrelated to the game itself. Of course, RuneScape isn't the only victim of this, but it's a feature that's been a lot more notable since the game's release on mobile.