​RuneScape introduces the new Orthen Dig site on October 19

Believe it or not, RuneScape's archaeological prowess has been in the wild for over a year. At this point, many players are starting to get closer to the skill cap, and Jagex wants to give them a lot of new content to discover after the last push to 120. In this spirit, RuneScape will be introducing a brand new excavation site, Orthen, later this month on October 19.

In his latest blog post, Jagex described Orthen as "the mysterious sixth excavation site" and that it was "once a dragonskin stronghold on Gielinor". RuneScape has seeded the history of Anachronia, and with the introduction of Orthen, the team hopes to uncover these secrets.

The braces will be divided into different sections throughout Anacrhonia. Jagex mentions that we also don't need maximum agility to get to all of them quickly as he said there would be "there will be a new, faster way to circle the island," although nothing specific was mentioned.

Of these new sections, the first on your list is The Crypt of Varanus, described as "a terrible little hole in the wall with a tragic story." The new excavation site will introduce 10 new excavations, 22 new artifacts and five new materials. This is supposed to be a place where you can upgrade your Archaelolgoy skills from 90 to 120 - you actually need at least level 90 of Archeology to start working in Orthen. Jagex said it is also beneficial to complete the Desperate Measures questline as it will help in some of the more difficult parts of the excavation.

The update will also bring back Sharrigan, a one-of-a-kind Ilujanka. She will be interested in learning about the discovered artifacts and will quickly share information about their relationship with the world of Gielinor.

Completely excavating Orthen will reward you with three new relics, including a bottle of Soma - billed as "a dragon skin delicacy that will increase your archaeological precision ... at a low cost." There is also a way to increase the Monolith's power cap, although Jagex leaves this secret for you to discover for yourself.

This article is over, let us look forward to Orthen's release. Don't forget that OSRS gold is on sale on our website.