OSRS Players Aren't Buying Swampletics Latest Death

Popular Old School RuneScape content creator Settled released the latest video in his long Swampletics series last weekend. The over 20 minutes of video is pretty standard - with an account ultimately maximizing both Attack and Strength - but the last two minutes took a terrible turn. Our beloved hero dies, drops all of his high-level items and forces a massive account restart.

If you are unfamiliar with the Swampletics series, there is a lot to discuss. The video blog has been in operation for over a year and Settled has deposited over 4,000 hours into his account. He plays as Ultimate Ironman, which - among other things - means that he drops every item in his inventory upon death. He won't lose any progress in his skills, but losing all of your gear is a huge setback for your Swampletics account.

Death is not uncommon - he was killed at AFK during a routine tour of Morytania - but many players just don't believe it happened at all. Or at least they think there's a lot going on behind the scenes that we're not familiar with.

Settled does not provide images of death, but does give us a brief overview of what happened. He said he became complacent after spending so much time in the same region, which led to his premature death. But that wasn't a good enough answer for many in the community.

Some players believe that this is all fake and that Swampletics hardware is hidden somewhere. The episode also briefly talks about stunt doubles - alternative accounts used by Settled to explore areas for rare mobs - and you might wonder if he just dumped his stuff on his altar.

Another user made a battle for the Swampletics against their Wild Vampire opponents. According to them, it is possible that the Mafia killed the player during AFK, but the chance of that is actually very, very small.

Settled also went through a difficult period in his personal life, with several players believing his account may have been sabotaged by his ex.

Regardless, this is not the order of what nobody expected - especially the Settler himself. According to the pinned note in the latest video, the update should take place within two days. Let's hope we can clear up what happened and put the crazy conspiracies to sleep.

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